Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Woohoo 10#!

So, I hit one of the milestones I that was taunting me.  I am down 10 pounds since starting this journey.  Woohoo!

I was really hoping for something profound to say, but am stuck.  As I was anticipating reaching this mini goal, I thought of what I might say in the meeting.  What am I doing is working?  I am being accountable for what I am putting in my body by logging it in etools.  I am moving more.

Today, when we celebrated my 10 pound loss she asked how activity played a part.  I take my dog for nightly walks.  My dog has lost weight too.  This week I added Zumba.  I try to do more things standing.  I have intentioned myself to move more at work. Mid-way through this week, I realized that I needed to ramp up my efforts.  I dusted off the Zumba Wii game.  In addition to the QT I am spending with my four legged friend, I need to do something more most nights of the week.  My plan is to do Zumba two of those nights.
(head shot of my dog on a hot July day)
At the beginning of the meeting we talked about our excuses not to exercise.  Here are some of them that applied to me...
"I have no time."
"I have no energy."
'___ gets in the way"

Then we talked about activities we like to do (again the ones that apply to me):
Play with my kids, scour the internet, dance, read, crafts

Then we looked at what we like to do and discussed how we cold incorporate activity (reframe your mind from doing exercise to doing activities).  Do something active with the family, stand while doing stuff on the computer...

By the way, did you know you burn 3 times as many calories standing as you do sitting?

Leaving the meeting this week we were given the goal of coming up with 3 ways to get more activity in.  What is a way you can get in more activity?


  1. Awesome job! I didn't weigh in yesterday. (they were closed due to the 12 inches of snow we got the night before) I am so proud of you! I often think of ways I could squeeze in more activity some ideas I've come up with but have failed to act on are *pop in a exercise DVD instead of sitting and watching the news in the morning. *Get the kids more active which would involve me becoming more active to encourage them *walking to my EMT class at the fire hall

    1. One lady in my group put another TV in her living room. She plays a work out DVD while she watches the news. THe leader marches in place while she brushes her teeth. One thing I have started since joining WW is dancing all the time. I have music going and the girls and I dance in the kitchen while we are cooking. I am still trying to think of 3 ways to incorporate more activity in my day.