Thursday, January 6, 2011

I may need a GPS for this

This week I started working on a road map for my journey.  I thought my journey was just about getting exercise and eating healthfully.  In the research I am doing I am finding that it is about so much more.  My original longterm goal was to be healthy, but I need balance too.  I need to find my sense of self.  That has been my biggest frustration the past 3-4 years.  Aftter becoming a mother of two I lost who I was.  Why should I be identified strictly as one of my daughter's mom?  It is fine in daycare, ballet class or school settings.  Things that are about my children.

That is where I got off my course - when I let myself go completely to the three other people in my family.  I am really having a struggle reclaiming myself. 

Now, I need to tackle keeping myself accountable.  Friday is going to be my reporting day.  Tomorrow is my first day.  I am optimistic.  There are things I could do better, but also I put forth more effort than I have since this summer.

Onto my goals for the week.
1. I will strength train 2x this week.
2. I will drink 64 oz of water everyday.
3. I will have fun at the ballet recital.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ROAD map

I didn't really set New Years Resolutions, but I want to get my act together.  I have been combing through all sorts of information on whow to stick to your NYR.  Earlier I posted my vision, goals, obstacles, etc.  I haven't really looked at it since.  I thought I would try a different format - a road map.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I have read a lot of studies saying how important sleep is for weightloss.  Today, I had a realization of why that is.  Although, I must admit my findings are not scientific, but make perfect sense to me.  Last night I got 4 hours of sleep.  I love nights where I can sleep 8.  I feel really good after 8 hours of sleep. 

Anyway, the lack of sleep affecting my healthy lifestyle negatively in these ways:
1. I slept through the time I had scheduled for myself to work out :(
2. I kept snacking all day on unhealthy snacks.  My sleep deprived brain gave into my cravings for sweets and carbs. 

I now understand the value of sleep on several different levels.  Now to get my children to understand the value of sleep..