Monday, April 22, 2013


You all know how to make someone feel amazing!  I can't believe my pictorial comparison post got almost 200 page views!  It is my highest view post.  I made the picture my cover on FB, and it received more "likes" than I received birthday wishes. 

I need to print the transformation off and hang it on my fridge and on my bathroom mirror...I have had others ask if they could print it to hang up for motivation of their own.  It is really motivating to see how I am motivating/inspiring others. 

The picture is really motivating to keep going.  I have been having days where I think to stop, because I am smaller than I was when I graduated college just over 10 years ago.  I think I need to grab a picture from either my senior year of high school or freshman year of college to see how much further I can go.  I am sooooo close to my goal weight, and once I get there I will focus on toning. 

Also, I have been able to keep this up and keep going despite other areas of my life being chaotic.  At WW meetings, our leader often asks, "Would you say, 'if I can do it, anyone can do it?'"  You can do anything you set to do.  Sometimes it is mind over matter and sometimes, you have to put the matter over your mind.  Like when your head is telling you, that you can't possibly run a mile (unless you have some physical constraint)...but you consistently do 5 on the elliptical.  Tell your brain to SHUT UP (sometimes you have to get nasty to is OK.  You should hear the stuff I say to myself when I want to give up) or GET WITH THE PROGRAM and tell your body to do the work.

I still can't get over the attention my last post received.  I am utterly amazed.  Wow!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Time Capsule

A friend suggested that I put up a comparison photo from beginning to end.  I know I did it with my face last time, so I thought I would show you all the whole story:

In the first picture I was complacent with my appearance.  I thought I looked OK.  The second and third picture are from June and July of 2012.  They were taken 3 weeks apart.  The fourth picture is from November of 2012.  The last picture is from Friday night.  This is the first time that I have thought that I looked good.  Where did I go!?!?  Don't mind the dirty bathroom mirror.