Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vision, Mission, Values

The company I work for just revised it's vision, mission, and core values.  I have been toying around with creating these for myself for awhile now to keep me on track.  The problem with trying to get something in writing was that I wasn't clear on my target.  On Weight Watchers I did set a target weight, but I am not really trying get to a certain weight.  The goal I set was more to keep me on track to revamp my unhealthy lifestyle.  I had to rethink my mindset to come up with a vision.

Vision - In 2-3 years I will be strong, fit, healthy, and energetic.  I will enjoy an active lifestyle.  I will be proud of myself.  I will be a priority to myself.

Mission - I will embark on a healthy lifestyle by eating wholesome foods and exercising often.

Values - I eat food to fuel my body.  I do cardiovascular activities to make and keep my body fit.  I do yoga to keep my body strong and flexible.  I enjoy life. 

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