Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 5 Update

Last week, I was up 1.8 pounds.  I know it is natural during this journey to go down, up, down, flat, down, up, down...

This week, I got to my meeting, I got on the scale, and my leader looked at me and said, "April, I am so proud of you.  Look at that number."  My weightloss in itself was amazing at 4.4 pounds in one week.  This week's loss puts me back in One-derland and out of the Terrible Twos.  Never again will my weight start with a 2.  I will remain in the 100s.  This is my highest weight loss in one week since I started Weight Watchers.

With the Superbowl and other life things going on, I was aiming to lose the 1.8 that I was up last week.

This week, I left the meeting feeling really motivated.  In the past this is where I have lost steam on the journey.  This time, I feel so motivated to keep on keeping on.  I felt more motivated leaving my meeting this week than I did last week, the week before that, and the week before that.  Seeing my progress and feeling the energy from the meeting was so invigorating.

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