Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Themes


Since January 1, 2012 I have been taking steps to improve my life.  I started with losing weight and embarking on a journey that supports a healthy lifestyle.  I worked on eliminating the toxic relationships in my life.  I worked on becoming a happier person.  2013 was a journey of divorce.   My ex and I weren't on the same page with many things in life; not even following the same book.  We tried to get to the same place in life, but we just couldn't get there. 

A few days ago I was contemplating New Year's Resolutions and a friend shared this article with me:
Why A New Year's Theme Works Better Than A Resolution.

Click on it :)  I could really relate to it.  I was about to create a bunch of goals that I did not know if I could achieve in a year.  After reading the article I decided to adapt a few themes for 2104 to help me work towards being the person I want to be.

1. Minimalism.  I think we are a culture that demands tangible things and immediate rewards.  These are two reasons I am not a big on-line shopping.  I want instant gratification.  I digress...back on topic.  I live in a small apartment.  I have stuff that has been in boxes since 2002.  Have I looked at it in the past 12 years?  No.  Why do I still have it?  How much better would I feel walking into an apartment free of clutter?  What value does all this stuff give to me?  These are questions I have been asking myself for a couple of years actually. I already started this in my kitchen.  I just cleaned out my fridge.  Two trash bags and two trips to the recycling bin fridge looks pretty empty, but it contains the amount of food I can consume in a week.
(there is a pic of my cleaned fridge I have been trying to upload here - blogger isn't cooperating)

2. Health.  This is a continuation of the past two years.  Why?  Because it is one of my values.  I like the way I feel now much more than I felt two years ago.  I love the way I look - although, I think that is a work-in-progress.  Who doesn't love a compliment?  Who can honestly say they look better at 33 than they did at 18?  This girl!
***Part of my health theme is working towards eating cleaner (sorry deep fried cheese curds...).  I am going to be following a this plan to get me to eating real food (which I am fairly good at, but there is plenty of room for improvement)
100 Days of Real Food Pledges
I woke up this morning and went grocery shopping I stocked up on semi-in-season fruits and veggies (it is the upper Midwest after all).
***Next is to get back on the physical fitness bandwagon.  I miss it.  Why did I stop?  The reasons are pointless excuses.  I found challenges that I can do to keep my head in the game and accountable, and that is what is important.  I am debating if I want to start running again, but in order to do that I need to commit to a 5K or something...
***Eliminate unnecessary stress is the last part of this theme.  What causes me the most unnecessary stress is worrying about money.  I will be following Dave Ramsey's principles to help me reach financial freedom.  From time to time you may here me reference this in the blog.  The second, I would say is my stuff, clutter, and mess.

I really believe that being minimalist will help me support and lead the ultimate healthiest lifestyle I can lead.  What are your goals/resolutions/themes?  I am interested in your off to work out :)  Happy Sweating Peeps!

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