Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Onward and downward is all that matters

This week, I lost 0.2 pounds.  I am actually surprised that I didn't gain this week.  I went into my meeting praying that I would be flat to last week. 

Even though I tracked my food intake, I went over my daily points allowance a few days - causing me to dip into my flex points.  I did not get in as much exercise as the dog or I would have liked. 

I am good with my what I did this week.  I had a lot going on.  It is important to let life happen and not let the plan stand in your way.  Weight Watchers  understands that for members to be successful they need flexibility in their plans.

I am excited that I lost 2/10 of a pound this week.   Anything is better than nothing or a gain.

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