Thursday, September 20, 2012

3 milestone/6 weeks

Tonight, I hit another milestone.  That is 3 big milestones in 6 weeks.  6 weeks ago, I hit 20%/20 pounds.  A few weeks ago I hit 25 pounds.  This week I am down 30.8 pounds.  I had to have my leader repeat my loss to me twice.  I could not believe that I lost over three pounds this week.  I know I worked hard, but was unsure of how that would show on the scale as my diet has been iffy.

Last week, I logged a lot of miles on the cardio equipment at the gym and with my dog.  I also have been ramping up my strength training.  Pinterest has been a great source of exercise inspiration.  I have found different exercises to do at the gym to minimize the monotony. 

The great thing about WW meetings is that you get to hear and see the trials, tribulations, and success of other members.  Every week there is opportunity to ask questions and gain solution and insight to any issues you are having.  Every week, we celebrate loss.  This week there was a member who became lifetime after losing 93 pounds.  Another member was celebrating 90 pounds of loss too.  As I was leaving, a lady sitting near me said, "Congratulations on your loss.  30 pounds.  Wow!"  I replied with, "15 is a big deal too.  How amazing that must feel."  I love going to meetings and seeing how I inspire others and how I get inspiration from others.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starting Out on a Fitness Journey

***I am not a fitness expert***

My husband has decided to start exercising more regularly.  He asked to accompany me to the Y on Friday.  He admitted to me that he had no clue what to do.   I asked him what his goals are.  Basically, he wants to improve his health.  At this point, I have no idea what to tell him to do, because I do not have any personal training experience.  I became really frustrated, because I am not an expert in this field.  I do not want to lead him down a wrong path.  I kept thinking that men’s bodies are so different than women’s bodies.  Heck, from woman to woman there are differences in what will work.

After stewing about it for a couple of days, I remembered my many attempts at a healthy lifestyle.  When we were engaged, I joined the YMCA our community.  They had a new member service where you got so many free consultations and a customized work out plan.  The trainer I worked with then said she likes to start all the fitness newbies to commit to 30 minute cardio sessions 2-3 times a week.  After a month, she will evaluate how you are doing, meet with you, and incorporate strength training to your work out program. I did discuss this with DH.  He agreed to do 30 minutes 3 times a week.  I encouraged him to meet with a personal trainer at the Y.  I should have introduced him to the one I used. 

I had a friend as me how I determine what to do when I work out.  Well, it has been an evolutionary process.  I started just taking classes.  I tried all the ones I thought I would like.  Even, some that I thought I would not like.  If I couldn’t make a class, I would go to the fitness center and use the stationary bike.  I didn’t see any progress, so I took advantage of the fitness consultation.  I learned how to use more equipment and the weight machines.  The trainer showed me how to do new exercises.  I stuck to the things she showed me for awhile, as I was intimidated by stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Mind you this was only a few months ago.  Remembering that time is now helping me see my husband’s point of view.  “Slow and steady wins the race,” after all.

Lately, I have been getting exercise inspiration from Pinterest, SparkPeople, and magazines.  I set a schedule that I kind of follow.
Monday: 60 minutes of cardio
Tuesday: Water Tabata
Wednesday: Off
Thursdays: 45-60 minutes of cardio/strength training
Friday: 60 minutes of cardio
Saturday: 45 minutes of cardio followed by muscle tiring strength training.
Sunday: 60 minutes of cardio

If I miss a day, I don’t dwell on it and move on.  I try to be conscious that I don’t miss too many days in a row, so I don’t regress too much.  I have come so far, having muscle definition I never had before, and I don't want to lose it!