Saturday, July 14, 2012

Packing for a Road Trip: Food Edition

When you go on a road trip what do you plan for meals and snacks?  Is it a whatever fast food place catches your fancy, and whatever is available at the gas station? 

When DH and I embarked on our road trip from the Twin Cities Metro to Keystone, ND we had a fairly tight budget.  We didn't want to spend all of our money on food, so we decided that we would pack snacks for the car and picnic lunches.  We would splurge on dinners out.  Afterall, who wants to prepare food after being a tourist for a day?

Here is an idea of what we snacked on in the car and while we were vactioning:
Baby Carrots
Chex Mix
Pretzel Twists
Energy Balls (recipe here)
Apple Slices

We made sandwiches from lunch meat, mustard, and cheese slices and ate from our snack foods for meals.

I bought 30 pack of Spring Water from CostCo for less than $5.00.  Had we bought single bottles from the gas station we would cost more than $30.

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