Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am....

Hey kids!  I have several posts already planned, so you may get to read more about my journey more frequently :)

Whilst DH and I were hiking, we were discussing how we would not have been able to climb the mountain 3 years ago.  We talked about how far we have come fitness wise in the past few months.  I kept saying, "I am..." in our conversation.  This lead me to really analyze my vision.  My vision of where I am today and where I want to go.  Here are the statements that describe who I am...

I am strong.
I am athletic.
I am a mountain climber.
I am getting healthy.
I am happy.
I am on a wellness journey.
I am a hard worker.
I am positive.
I am bright.
I am challenged.
I am good looking.

What are you?

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