Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chugga Chugga

I am losing steam. I am really having a hard time remembering why I started this journey.  What brought me into my first Weight Watchers meeting? 

On the way home from the gym the tonight, (it was still in the 90's in MN) I thought about my work out:

45 minutes on the bike (10.25 miles)
15 minutes on the rowing machine (1.4 miles)
15 reps triceps
15 reps biceps
15 reps chest
15 reps shoulders
15 reps back
?? abs, but I killed 'em
15 reps hips
15 reps thighs

I thought about the trainer that was working.  She is also one of the running coaches.  She seemed meek, but I know she has several impressive races under her belt.  While I was working out, she approached me to chat.   People usually don't approach me when I work out.  On my way home, I realized I had on a shirt was from the last 5K I ran...over a year ago.  I haven't really run since then.  I think she approached me to talk about running, but we ended up talking working out and schedules.

"I bet I can run a mile.  I remember the only time I ran the complete mile in high school, I beat a couple of girls on the track team.  I can do it again.  I have run 2 5Ks before.  Whoa, it is still 93.  I need to take the dog out before I go to bed.  Maybe I should see how far we can run in this heat.  At least the sun is not out."  (Please tell me I am not the only one who has these conversations in my head).

When I got home, I grabbed my phone and the dog.  We ran 4 blocks, walked 1, ran 3, walked 4 home .79 miles).  The dog was immensely happy.  She came home, drank water, gave me kisses, and passed out.

I took a shower.  As I was drying off I noticed I am starting to get more muscle definition.  What does my insecure self do?  I march into our office.  I ask DH if he sees the definition I see.  He agrees that he sees it.  I told him that I am feeling like giving up.  My weight is stagnant, but seeing the definition is motivating.  He encouraged me to keep going by pointing out how far I have come on my journey.

It reminded me that I should not focus on one number to benchmark myself, but several factors.  Stamina, definition, fit of my clothes, quality of my daily life, other NSV (Non-Scale Victories) such as being able to work out for almost 2 hours when 30 minutes 3 months ago was difficult.

How do you measure progress?

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