Saturday, January 14, 2012

When you fall off the bike, get right back on!

About 2 years ago I listened to Kristin Steede, a former contestant from Biggest Loser speak.  She was so energetic and inspiring.  She said something that I think anyone on this journey should adopt as their philosophy.  I can't remember the exact quote, so I will do my best to get the point across.  Don't take the journey day by day.  Take it hour by hour (or minute by minute).  When you slip up, don't say, "I will do better tomorrow."  Get back on track immediately.

I slipped up yesterday and the day before.  Thursday's slip up was at lunch.  I got the rest of my day back on track.  Yesterday, I slipped up at lunch and at dinner.  When I realized what I was doing I removed myself from the kitchen.  Both days I dipped into my 49 extra points.  I really hate doing that so early in my week.  I am not dwelling on this, but putting it out there to 1) show that everyone makes mistakes and 2) to help me learn from my actions.  The binges I had did not leave me feeling good physically.  My stomach was churning and I got soooo tired.  The emotional part only lasted while I was eating.  The emotional satisfaction ended when I swallowed the last bite.

This morning I started my day out on track.  I am happy with my breakfast from this morning.  Now onto lunch.

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