Sunday, January 15, 2012


The thing that I think is the biggest struggle when trying to get healthy is saboteurs.  They are the #1 reason I have not stuck with anything long enough to be completely satisfied or successful.  You may think you know what is a saboteur. You think you have done everything in your power to have the kryptonite against their superpowers. In reality, they are lurking in the dark corners waiting for you to let your guard down.  I am not trying to be all doom an gloom on your endeavor.  I am just sharing an experience that made me realize I need to keep my guard up against the most well meaning supportive people too.

Saboteurs come in many forms:
Your good meaning significant other
Generous co-worker that always has a dish of candy out
TV advertisements for Snickers
Your healthy friends
Your unhealthy friends
Your mom
Your brothers and sisters
Your children
Your friend's daughter who is a Girl Scout
Your kitchen
Your pantry
Your car
The mall
Magazine advertisements
Vending machines

The list could go on and on...

I demanded convinced my husband to let me join Weight Watchers.  He said things like, "You never stick to anything." and "You are going to succeed."  When I told him I lost 4.2 pounds last week he said, "Yea, good job!".  Today, he bought bratwursts home.  He claimed to even buy ones I would like.  They are stuffed with mushrooms and swiss.  He did not need to buy me special brats, because I do enjoy brats.  In the dedication of getting back on track from binge days, I told him I was not going to have a brat.  He said something to the effect of having to have one for the Packer game.  I explained having a brat may make me go over my points for today.  I already dipped into my weekly points twice this week.  The week is about half over for me - so why would I take a chance to dip into them again?  He does not want to get it.  I swear.  He seemed so happy that I was able to lose 4.2 pounds last week.  Why would he not want me to see the same success this week?  He is an unknowing saboteur.  Meaning, he doesn't realize that he is sabotaging me.

Maybe in our exchange regarding the brats I should have told him the apple and chicken sausages are more my thing these days...

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  1. I hear ya on the snickers commercial, do glad we have DVR to fast forward through those.