Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 2 Summary

I saw some people on Facebook who are doing Weight Watchers use the phrase, "Onward and Downward."  That is how I feel about this week.  I know I could do better.  It doesn't pay to beat myself up.  I know what I did wrong, and what to do different next time I encounter those situations.

This week we were talking about what causes us to derail from our plans/lifestyles/etc.  Some members were talking about being closet eaters - meaning they binge when they are home alone.  Our leader brought up an old WW saying, "What you eat in private. shows up in public".  It is so true.  I have found myself sneaking food.  I do track it, though.  I just feel safer eating certain things with out the diet police watching. 

One of my struggles is getting my husband to understand my metabolism and health needs (eg brats for dinner).  He has good intentions, but is somewhat clueless when it comes to health and nutrition.  I am not sure how committed he is to health, because he seems OK with himself,.  Every once in awhile, he does something to show me he is on board - like buy 100% organic fruit juice for the kids.  I also need to be more patient with educating him.  I think sometimes I react poorly for the situation and he gives up.  I need to remind myself that he is trying though.

I am down one pound this week.   Which brings me to a total of 5.2 pounds.  I reached my first WW goal in 2 weeks!  I am OK with this loss, because it is my weight going in the right direction.  4.8 pounds to the goal.  I need to talk to DH about some rewards.  For the 5 pounds I lost thus far, I am going to paint my nails.

One final thought:  After tonight's meeting, I told DH how much I am down.  I posed and said, "Can you tell?"  I was joking, because I am not 100% sure anyone would notice a five pound loss on me.  He said, "Actually, I noticed yesterday."

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