Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random Thoughts on Music

I have heard and seen differing opinions from people in regards to listening to music to work out.  For as long as I can remember music has been what I turn to when I need to be grounded.  It has helped soothe my anger, kept me joyful, and pushed me through a work out.
A dear friend told me that when she started a running regime she listened to music while running, but by time she was running marathons she found listening to music while running to be distracting.  She could clear her thoughts solely with running (exercise).  I feel I have come to this point.  Sometimes,  I feel a need to tote my iPod with me to the Y, because listening to it when I don't want to work out distracts my brain from thinking thoughts like, "How much time do I have left?", "I really don't feel like doing this.", and "It is not like anyone will know if I stop early."  Other times I feel like it is in the way, and the best way to kick my butt is with out the background noise of music.

I don't have a good segway to the next paragraph (back story), so please accept my apology.

People say that they don’t make music like they used to, and refer to the decades of their youth as the best music.  I was thinking that today.  I like to listen to music from the 80s and 90s.  Many songs I have positive associations with.  There is a whole bunch of songs that remind me of my BFF from Middle and High School.  When I hear them, I think “This was a driving down the road song.  K and I liked to listen to it in the car.”  Or “K and I would listen to this when I would stay over night at her house.”  Then there are the ones from college (which is more late 90’s/early 00’s).  Sometimes, they make me laugh.  I can imagine listening to them in our dorm rooms, apartments, classrooms, etc. and the things we were doing.  I think this is why when I first started hard core working out I coped with listening to music: it made the experience more bearable for me by allowing me to think of positive events in my life while doing something that felt awkward and unpleasant.

Back to working out and listening to music.

Sometimes, I while listening to music on a piece of cardio equipment I catch myself dancing.  I wonder if people think I should really be in a Zumba or Hip Hop Hustle class or if I am even alright.  I am sure I look like a fool when I am dancing on the elliptical trainer.  But really, think of the extra calories I am burning looking like a fool.  Most of the music on my iPod is from the 90's.  I find myself reminiscing about the good ole days while working out, which makes the bad work outs more bearable.

What do you do to make your work outs more bearable?

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