Friday, August 17, 2012

Changes for the better

Wednesday, was my youngest daughter’s birthday.  We went to Rainforest Café for dinner to celebrate.   My ILs came, and MIL brought a giant chocolate chip cookie.  I had a small piece.  DH also purchased a cake from for her birthday (no realizing his mom was bringing a cookie).  Last night, we cut into it.  Again, I had a small piece.  I love sweets, so it did take a lot for me to not serve myself the sized piece my eyes demanded.  I have come a long way in this journey with willpower and doing what is right for my health.

DH has been giving me a hard time about the amount of time I work out.  Here is a recap of what I do:
Sunday: 60 minutes Cardio/10 minutes of Core
Monday: 60 minutes Cardio/10 minutes of Core
Tuesday: 45 minutes Water Tabata
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 45-60 minutes Cardio/30-45 minutes full body weight training
Friday: 60 minutes Cardio/10 minutes of Core
Saturday: 45-60 minutes Cardio/30-45 minutes full body weight training

This past week end, I was at the Y in the fitness center, I was talking to the personal trainer I worked with at the end of June.  She asked if I was able to get my husband to come (as she always does).  :( I told her no, and that he questioned what took me two hours to do at the YMCA. She replied with, "2 hours is pretty standard around here."

Tonight, during my work out, I was reminiscing back to when we joined the Y in March (not quite 5 months ago).  When we registered to use the on-site daycare, they said that we were allowed to use the daycare for a total of two hours each day.  I remember thinking, "Who would work out for two hours in one day?" like it was very painful.   5 months later and sometimes I wish I could work out more than 2 hours some days.

I am truly amazed at how far I have come.  8 months ago I started to be more mindful over what I eat.  I have gone through phases where I didn't think I needed to track my PPV, and would be disappointed on the scale.  Exercise is my new addiction.  Again, if I do less than 6 work outs a week, I don't see any results on the scale.  I have realized how beneficial being in control is to my new lifestyle.  Nothing happens by chance.

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