Sunday, March 25, 2012


The present I mentioned that DH got me/us is a membership to the Y.  I have been four times in the past five days.  The kids love the childcare center they have on site.  

Today, I took my first Zumba class.  I have done Zumba before on the Wii. One thing I know about myself is that I work harder if someone is watching.  I enjoy doing Zumba in the privacy of my living room, but I don't feel that it is a hard work out.  Today, in class I worked it.  I can tell my body will appreciate this later.  Group exercise is definitely for me.  I always seem to wimp out on myself when I work out alone. 

At the beginning of class the instructor was saying how she sweats more than anyone she knows.  Well it didn't take me long to start dripping and halfway through the class I could smell myself.  Ew, I know, but so refreshing at the same time.  I knew I was getting the work out I went there for.  When I would do Zumba at home, I didn't push myself this hard.   I was literally going through the motions.  Doing Zumba in the fitness studio at the Y, I could feel and see myself smile.  The instructor was very encouraging. I knew this is where I belong. 

We danced. We swseated. We had fun. 

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