Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Absolutely Positively Update

Tonight, I walked into weigh in not knowing what to expect.  -2 on the head.  I went from 31 points plus last week to 30 points plus. I really struggled with it - you would have thought my points were reduced by 20.  Anyway, the result was good.

Today's meeting we talked about turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. For a lot of us we feel disappointed when we only lose .2 or .4 pounds.  Really a loss is a loss, and should be celebrated.  That is less that you need to lose going forward.  My negativity is more about how I FEEL I don't have enough support.  As my family is seeing progress, they are coming around and being more supportive.  I get wonderful support from my fellow members at my Weight Watchers meetings too.  Prior to WW, I would beat myself up when I "slipped up" or felt like I was failing.  With Points Plus, we get 49 freebie points that we can use or we can earn activity points.  When I slip up now, I think - "Went over my daily points allowance, but I am still with in my weekly points cushion".  I do try to not go over by too many points in one day, but I won't beat myself up anymore.  We discussed other common negative/unmotivating thoughts. 

In other news, I have increased the duration and intensity of my walks.  Last night, I even ran for a few minutes.  It felt so good to start running again.  I really felt hindered by my dog.  She loves to run - normally she pushes me to run further, but she was more interested in sniffing around than running last night.  Running last night made me realize that I want to start 5K training again.  That will involve picking a race 8 weeks out, signing up for it, and executing a training plan. 

What are some of your negative thoughts and what can you do to change those around?

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