Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playground Safety and the Obesity Epidemic

http://shine.yahoo.com/event/summertimefun/have-playgrounds-become-too-safe-for-kids-2513862/  This article got me wondering if having too safe of playground equipment is what is helping our kids become obese.  One school district banned running on the playground?  Swing and see saws banned due to moving parts.  Don’t these people coming up with these strict playground rules remember playing on the playground as a kid?  I remember swinging, pumping my legs, and propelling myself off the swing to see if I could out fly my friends.   I never got seriously injured.  My two friends did not get injured.  Sometimes you would land hard and have to shake it off, but nothing was broken.

My brother broke his collar bone playing football in elementary school.  The kid who tackled him admitted to intentionally tackling him to hurt him.  My bro did make the TD though :)

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