Monday, July 18, 2011

It's all in the details...Visualization

Create a Realistic Vision
I haven't posted on Chapter 2's Working It Out from Unlimited, because I am really struggling with my vision.  It feels overwhelming, because there is so much change that needs to happen to create my vision.  I am creating my vision based on the resources I have available to me now.  In my vision is: I am happy, I am active, I am enjoying a healthy lifestyle. 

Be Specific/Feel It/Sense It
I enjoy shopping at stores and buying clothes for myself.  I am active with my family.  I feel like an athlete.  I am happy, content, and well.  I always have a smile on my face and it is not forced.  I have fun in all I do.  We eat as a family and eat healthful foods.  My husband and I realize food is fuel for our bodies.

Get Excited About the Process
I can see myself being happy once I get used to the new lifestyle.  I will have to pump myself up until I get back into habit of the healthy lifestyle.

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