Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Identify Your Passion

Right now, I really want to rip myself apart, but I know it is not productive.  I tried to exercise out my frustration, but only got frustrated at my limitations (Dear legs, I stretched you out pre-run, the least you could do is carry me through the whole 30 minutes.  30 minutes is.not.that.long. Sincerely, April).  Today, I got some bad personal news.  I don't even know what it means yet.  It just wasn't what I wanted to hear.  It makes me wonder if I am good enough at anything.

That is a good starting point - what am I good at?
-Taking care of my dog
-Bartending (in my former life)

Things I enjoy:

In a previous post I mentioned I am reading, Jillian Michaels's book Unlimited.   I did make it through the first chapter.  Jillian finished the chapter with some self reflection. 

"Do you like the structure and resources of a corporate environment or do you prefer a more casual, intimate setting?"  I would like to find a happy medium.  Having worked in both environments, there are things I like about both.  I don't mind having regularly scheduled productive meetings.  I like working with smaller teams, because I feel there is less politics.  I do like the benefit of a diverse team, though.

"Are you more comfortable with physical labor or sitting at a desk?"  Again, I want to find a happy medium.  I don't like sitting at my desk all day, but I don't think I would be comfortable doing 8 hours of physical labor.  I am thinking a factory setting here.

"Have you enjoyed giving back to the community in a particular way?"  I haven't done any community service since I have moved to this town.  I am really not sure what I would want to get involved with here.  I do know that I want get the girls involved in something.  We have been talking about giving there unwanted stuff to other children who don't have toys or clothes that fit.

"What is your favorite thing in the world to do?"  Right now, scrapbooking.  Depending on my mood, that may change.

"Did you like drama class in college or some other pursuit that you've since abandoned?"  I took a class on fabric design.  I really enjoyed it.  I wish I could have pursued that once I graduated.  I did have a job out of college similar, it just wasn't a good fit.

"In your ideal day what do you picture yourself doing?" Sleeping in, going to a gym, working with a trainer, going to a spa, then going shopping or to dinner and a movie.

"Do you like the independence of working alone or the collaboration of working as part of a team?"  I do get and see value of working with a team with diverse skills and experiences.  I enjoy working alone.

"Are you good at scientific pursuits or are you more of a creative type?"  Definitely more creative.

"What beliefs are you most passionate about?"  The public education system and healthcare.  I hate that the U.S. stance on these is so far behind other countries. 

"Have you ever wanted to try something crazy?  Or have you ever wanted to take something less crazy"  I am having a hard time thinking of the things I wanted to try.  Deep down I really want to travel.  I want to experience other regions of the globe.

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