Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Over

Sometimes, you just need a do over.  A restart, if you will.    It is definitely what I need with Weight Watchers.  I am officially up two of the 15 pounds I was down.  There is nothing out of my control that I can blame it on.  I got off plan - off track.  I posted the WW meal planner insert on my fridge.  Looking at it will remind me what are some good meals to throw together when I don't have time to stick to my original plan.

At tonight's meeting we talked about being good to yourself.  Too often I get taken up in taking care of the rest of my family that I forget to take care of myself.  We talked about finding friends/family/support system to be the kind of support you need.  Maybe you need a straight shooter to tell you how it is, or perhaps you need the adventurer type to help break you out of a rut.  I really need to read the weekly magazine to get more out of it.  We ended up doing a lot of laughing during the meeting and not a lot of discussing.

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