Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week in Review

My goals from last week are:
  • I will lose 3".  I lost 1 ½”.  It is 50% of my goal, but it is progress in the right direction.
  • I will exercise for a total of 180 minutes.  I logged 150 minutes of exercise.  It is 83.33% of my goal, and I consider that met. 
  • I will log all of my food for 5 days. 0% of my goal.  I am up for suggestions to get me to do this.  I have tried using on app on my phone or writing it in my planner in the past.  I have stuck to neither…
My goals for this week are:
  • I will lose 3” from my total body measurements from this morning.
  • I will take my vitamins daily.
  • I will exercise for 180 minutes.
  • I will log my food for 5 days.
I am trying to come up with reasons to support my case to my wonderful husband to get a YMCA membership:
  • The kids can take swim lessons year round.
  • There are also other sports opportunities through out the year.
  • Fitness classes.  To take through community ed, it would cost $45 to take 6 classes that are offered 1x a week.  That is $7.50 a class.  The Y would cost 28.75 a week for a FAMILY membership with unlimited visits.  I would much rather work out in a group of people than by myself.
  • Social outlet for me. 
  • Costs the same as his habit.

I talked to DH this week about being more positive.  I feel like he doesn’t want to get it and how the inner April works.

The other longer term goals I mentioned last week are supported by my weekly goals.  I notice I am drinking more water thanks to the water cooler at work. 

Positivity Journal: 10 good things from last week
  1. I made good progress on 2/3 of my weekly goals.
  2. I started taking probiotics.
  3. I have come up with a plan to get better.
  4. We got a family membership to the children’s museum.  The kids have gone 3x already.
  5. We went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze.  We made it through the corn maze before a grown family.
  6. We went out to dinner as a family and the girls were so well behaved.
  7. I got more unpacking done.
  8. I am getting rid of clutter to GW.
  9. I laughed a lot.
  10. Less stuff is bothering me.

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