Friday, September 27, 2013

Improvement is Inspiring

This week I decided to train to run a 5K.  I thought Thanksgiving morning would be adequate enough target.  Still looking for a race, though.  I narrowed it down from three to two...

Three running work outs, and I am already seeing improvements.
Week 1 Day 1:

Week 1 Day 2:

Week 1 Day 3:

It really helps me stay inspired to see how my results are improving.  Keep in mind this includes warm up and cool down.  The walk/run ratio is 1.5:1.   I am doing it on the treadmill, so I can control my speed.  I try to go up .1 from the previous training. 

My running partner is getting old, so I don't want to tax her too much.  I can tell she is starting to get stiff in her back hips, but she does not let on that it is bothering her.  She recently turned 10 and refuses to act her age.  She is hyper and anxious, and usually happy to be on a leash next to me...except when she sees a rabbit or another dog...