Thursday, February 7, 2013

Insight/in sight

Insight - the power or act of seeing into a situation (source:  I have been providing insight to you all along my journey through this blog (OK, I have taken some hiatuses, but stuff happens!).  Now, my goal is in sight.  It is scary, it is exciting, it is AAAAHHHHHH!

My weight loss this week puts me at 10.8 pounds to goal. Now, I am debating if I should revise my goal or not.  I think I could afford to lose more than that, and it seems more than achievable to lose 15.  I hope to lose the 10 pounds by my doctor appointment in April.  Then, my doctor and I can discuss and decide if losing more than the 10.8 pounds is a good idea or not. 

Here are my weightloss secrets:
1. Plan what you are going to eat.
2. Track what you eat.
3. Plan your activity.
4. Track your activity.
5. Eat your veggies and fruits.
6. Move more than you did before.

What else would you like me to write about!?

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  1. I know meal planning sounds so simple to many people but I struggle with it. I have good intentions but then I run out of time in the morning and don't end up taking lunch or snack so by the time that time rolls around I make poor, easy choices. Any suggestions or tips you could provide on that would be helpful.